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1 Jul 2013


Nephilim Hybrids Ever wondered how the giants came about, why God destroyed all mankind with the great flood, and how the giants came about again after the flood? What is Satan scheming in secret? Who is on the trail to uncovering those secrets of old and waking people up to the present implications on modern man?
Ancient history has been rewritten to keep the masses blind to our real past history. You wont be taught any of it in our modern schools because Evolution is the agenda. The truth with archaeological facts throws evolution on it's head, once and for all.

Giants Fallen AngelsIn our Bible, fallen angels in Genesis 6 mated with human woman to produce a hybrid offspring(the Giants of renown). This has been covered up for as long as modern society has been around to keep it from the public.  This history is important only because it paints a clear picture of what this world's future demise will be and how it will come about. LA Marzulli in the video below ties in the mark of the beast and modern technology with the ancient technology that once existed which came about by the fallen angels teaching mankind the art of warfare, agriculture, beautification of women and cross breeding of species. If you have never read the The book of Enoch(Noahs ancestor) which has been deliberately kept out from our modern Bibles you need to read it as it paints a picture of the world that once was and is coming again.

Fallen Angels Giants NephilimThis understanding will show you what the enemy has always wanted to do, corrupt God's creation completely. This also explains why God had to completely destroy whole nations in the past, because they were corrupted demonically which further would have completely infected the rest of the world without His intervention.

The giants did exist, we have it on record in the Bible and now have much more added proof of their existence its become undeniable. But what is important is knowing how the enemy is planning to corrupt all of God's creation again, and bring the world totally under his submission, this will after we have been raptured cause God to utterly destroy again like as in the days of Noah, as Jesus said, "As in the days of Noah so shall it be in the last days".

2 Corinthians 2:11Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

Take a few minutes to watch this eye popping interview with LA Marzulli on Its Supernatural with Sid Roth, and share this mystery unravelled with your friends..

We Found the Nephilim LA Marzulli on Its Supernatural with Sid Roth

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