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12 Jan 2013

The Roots of Mental Illness - Fear and Lies vs Love and Truth

Fruit of truth and loveAt the root of every system the enemy tries to set up you will find Lies and Fear, and at the root of every true Godly work you will find the opposite, Truth and Love. The Word of God shows us how to discern what is Godly and what is not by telling us about fruit. Saying that a persons(system or kingdom) can be discerned by the fruit it is producing. An evil tree cannot bear good fruit and a good tree cannot bear evil fruit. A tree is recognized by it's fruit. Mat,12:33, Mat,7:17 and Luke,6:43.
Most people would know that a poor tree that has a bad root system has probably poor soil or lack of water to nourish the tree and it's fruit. Thereby from this we can deduce that we should be dealing with the hidden things of the tree to help it produce good fruit.

bear fruit for GodLuke writes of Jesus telling a parable about a fig tree that for 3 years bore no fruit to eat, the owner tells the vineyard worker to cut it down, but the worker says, "leave it alone for one more year and I will dig around it and fertilise it. If it doesn't bear fruit then you can cut it down"(Luke,13:6-9). This should make you happy because God is in the business of producing good fruit in His children and doesn't give up. The worker had to attend to the root system of the tree so that it could receive the nutrients and water it needed. But, notice that there was work to be done, firstly removing the dirt around it and then applying fertiliser and water. The dirt here is like the cares of this world, which needs to be removed before anything good will penetrate, and then the tree will come good(or maybe not, lets look a little deeper). What about the root system?, I mean what kind of root system would cause a tree to be barren? an immature root system maybe, or what about rotten roots or some type of root disease?

hope for fruit
This is what I am getting at, if the root system is not good the tree is basically finished. The root system I'm referring to here is the old kingdom that still manifests in our lives, and unfortunately not only us but everyone close to us can see any bad fruit hanging on it. We are all similar as Born Again believers, we have the old(supposed to be) dead kingdom still abiding in us and then when we became born anew God's new kingdom came and set up residence in us. The old roots are the things that have been long forgotten about that tries to hijack the new kingdom of God in us. It will try to prevent God's kingdom from bearing good fruit. The old kingdom can do nothing but eventually bear bad fruit, and it's foundation initially is built upon lies that produce fear. The root system of the old kingdom was fertilised and watered in this world from the time of being a seed to sapling, until God came and set up His new kingdom which nullified control of the old. The foundational lies of this old kingdom were things of fear which caused rejection, insecurity and fear itself to take root, which soon enough turns into bitterness(unforgiveness), anger and rebellion. From here the bad fruit has begun to sprout but not fully come due yet into fully fledged evil fruit such as perversions, murder, witchcraft and addictions.

What Lies?
truth overcomes lies

Each one of us has had particular lie/s told to us by the enemy very early in life so as to build a type of kingdom that he can control and set up for his own ends. For example, the foundational lie that grasped my heart as a child that I now see after many years of progressive stuff ups and failure, is that "I am no good" and "something is wrong with me". I carried this belief deep in my heart all the way into adulthood from my childhood. It was very well hidden and masked and as I got into my 20's and 30's it got worse with depression and despair and thoughts of suicide. If these negative lies of past bad roots are not dealt with effectively with the Truth of God's unconditional Love they will eventually manifest extremely bad fruit.
The lies I listened to and believed as a child through seemingly orchestrated events which the enemy used to produce fear in my life, caused a fear of rejection, self rejection, fear of nothing good will ever come my way and fear of being no good and unaccepted. These lies progressively became worse and worse as more lies and fear were added and laid upon the foundation already believed as a child. I guess there are many variants to the lies the enemy tells people growing up and will use whatever situation is at hand to build himself a home. If your parents attempted to abort you as a baby, the lie would be"I'm not meant to be here, I don't belong". If your parents wanted the opposite sex as a baby, the lie would be,"I am wrong, something is wrong with me". If you feel one or both parents abandoned you, the lie would be"I am no good, I am not worth it". With all these lies the fear comes as rejection and is a deep seated painful root system that causes God's people to strive as the world does for approval and acceptance. Jesus said His yoke is easy and burden is light and came that we might have life more abundantly. God's love for us is real and tangible if it can get through the net of lies and fears and reach into the depths of the heart.
Satan can tell no truth, this is what Jesus says about him : "...not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies". John,8:44 NIV

How does he do it?

fear is a lie
The enemy always pumps in the lie, and then pumps in the fear of that lie being true after we accept it in the mind. Once this cycle of the lie and fear is established as a child it becomes a stronghold and carries on all the way into adulthood, even after becoming Born Again. As a stronghold the lie will rapid fire through the mind and it won't be hardly noticed any more, it just runs down the made track in the mind. The fear is only noticed and can be seen as anxiety, panic or phobia. If the mind is at ease in prayer and a lie comes it may be caught in time enough to reject it, and put it to the cross to death. But most people with fairly big issues like this will not notice so much what is happening in their mind until someone points it out to them. The negative thoughts are seen as their own and not from the enemy, this needs to be remedied to live a Christ like life.
If the lie/s were accepted in childhood at the heart level it can change part of the person's character and we say,"That's just the way so and so is". But, so and so is like that because the lie flawed their character when fear entered and required a defensive structure to protect the heart from the pain of the lie/s. The lie can only be overcome by the Truth in the Word of God and the fear only overcome by the perfect Love of God. The pure love of God will not penetrate the heart fully until the lie is recognized, repented of and replaced with the truth, and the lying spirit along with the fear spirit is cast out. When the Kingdom of God is planted firmly in ones heart, it's work is to overcome the old kingdom fully and bring glory to our Father in heaven as a righteous tree that stands as a spectacle in this world and bring Christ's light and love to it. God's plan is for you is to have all surpassing peace through Christ Jesus, that means all surpassing peace in your mind and soul as well as your heart. God has not given his children a spirit of fear, but of courage and sound mind....AMEN.

'There is no fear in love, But perfect love drives out all fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love'. 1John,4:18NIV
Free short In depth Downloadable PDF book with illustration of Two Kingdoms and deliverance prayer available free here -  Two Kingdoms Lies and Fear vs Truth and Love

Michael W Smith from House of Healing Ministry speaks about the roots of anxiety and other mental illnesses. With 30 or so years experience as a Christian counsellor and deliverance minister, he has uncovered some vital truth to how the enemy works in causing mental and emotional problems.
See link here to view video teaching - Anxiety disorders exposed and his website - www.hardcorechristianity.com. He has seen 1000's of healings and deliverances through what God has given him. Be blessed.
May God release His truth and overwhelm you with His amazing love,
God Bless,

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