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25 Jan 2013

God's Calling into Battle - Satan Under Our Feet

God's callingDo you feel at all that God's will for you can't be acted upon, do you feel that the calling God has on your life is being hinderedThis is not you!! it is your adversaryWho is it that comes against the will of God but the enemy? Who wants to set himself up as god in this world? Who is it that hates God's creation?
You see the enemy will never come against you in the pursuit of worldly things, he also will not come against you when your objective is secondary to God's calling on your life. He only wakes up to the fact that he may lose power or be getting evicted when you wholeheartedly pursue God's will. When you pray and read the Word of God the enemy loses power, when you pray and fast for God's will in your life, the enemy loses power, he fights to keep you from doing these things..

Let's see simply what is scriptural concerning God's will for you.

rightly dividing the word of God1.The greatest commandment, "Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind and strength and love your neighbour as your self"(Matt,22:37) sums up the whole Law of the prophets, which Jesus endorsed as truth in the New Testament(but still this did not reach far enough, as He said to the Pharisee, 'In this you are not far from the Kingdom of God').    

2.In the context of what James says, 'Faith without works is dead', what would our faith look like then in action, in regards to the greatest commandment? The Law could only go so far in producing a living and breathing true son of God, Jesus needed to come first and fully complete God's will for us, so we could be as He is, reap eternal life, and do what He did on this earth. He pronounced, "It is finished", and the Temple veil tore in two.. 

3.The greatest commandment seen in action, is shown to the world as our 'Lord Jesus Christ', Jesus is our picture of 'faith in action', He was and is the greatest commandment fulfilled perfectly on earth. He loved His father with all His heart, mind and strength and loved His neighbours as Himself(Us). The enemy could find nothing in Him that He could use to side track Him from His Fathers will. 
Walking in the Spirit and enduring sanctification(healing, deliverance and renewal of the mind) rids us of the things the enemy pulls on to deter us from God's will. We see simply that God's will for us is follow Christ and do what He did.
His love for His neighbours was bound up in His love for His Father, which in turn spurred His unwavering obedience to His will?
Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice of love, He not only came to die for our sins, but also to show us by example, teach us, and make the way for us to be able to love God with all our heart, mind and strength and to love our neighbour as ourselves. He said "What you see me do, you can do and more because I go unto the Father". 

great commission
4. If we love God and our neighbour we will know the Great Commission is God's unfailing love towards all mankind. His will is for the heavens to be shaken and taken by force so His people can be set free from sickness, oppression, captivity and delusion and bought fully into the light and life of His Son Christ Jesus.
God's will for you is to be free, and in turn to go and set captives free...That all may come to know His love and goodness and that none should perish. The captives are your neighbours, the ones beaten down by the enemy and left on the side of the road. The Pharisee and the Levite priest passed by, but not the Samaritan that God chose to use to heal and restore. The enemy has beaten down too many of God's people so as to not to be able to carry out the Greatest Commandment which is the foundation of the Great Commission to all that love God and follow His Son. Freely you have received, freely give..Amen

Working out His will in your life

Jesus overcome satan
Now that we have simply established God's will, it's obvious if we follow Christ and earnestly seek to do God's will, that we will come up against the enemy as He did. We are encroaching on his already defeated territory. He will not only try to hinder us from praying, studying the Word of God and  gathering with the saints, but when we are pushing forward into the front line of the battle he will seek to stop it. He wants you to be incapable of fulfilling God's will for your life. But, our victorious saviour, Christ Jesus, calls us to be over-comers as He is.
You see, Jesus was perfect and holy, he never let the enemy get a foothold in His life, His love for and agenda with the Father was always where His eyes were fixed. But, we on the other hand have allowed the enemy to sneak in through disappointment, discouragement, hurts, rejection, sins and so forth. If we are to have any impact at all like Christ we need to be holy as He is, and that means getting cleaned up to become as He is. It is very necessary to clean up our heart and soul and make sure the old man has not contaminated God's calling in you, lest the enemy is able to pull you around and bend your will to give up the fight or make a mockery of Him while fulfilling it. Jesus calls us to be perfect as our Father is perfect, this seems impossible, but only without His grace and mercy. He is our advocate, Jesus is our hope in glory, Jesus is our example, and if we do fail He is there to pick us up. He is not a cruel task master to tell us to do something that is impossible, all things are possible to those that believe.

here and nowWe are already perfect in God's eyes through Christ, but we are growing up into that truth. Our position is seated with Christ but we still contend with the flesh and deal with the soul(mind,will and emotions). The flesh goes to the cross but the issues of the soul receive healing and deliverance accompanied with the Word that transforms those areas into truth. As we grow in this way we become more like Christ in this world even though we spiritually are already seated in heavenly places. When the issues of the heart and soul are healed and bought to truth, the old man's structures are dismantled and the demonic pulling on those areas can be evicted. This is an important part of the growing process in Christ that is not taught very much in the body of Christ.

TB Joshua an African Prophet with miraculous signs and wonders following says, "If you cannot walk into the calling of God for your life, you need deliverance". He says it very plainly, as after many years he has seen myriads of Gods people come through deliverance and finally start to have the freedom to walk into the calling of God in their lives.
Satan is under our feet..Amen.
Ed Yount - 'How to Break Satan's Strongholds' Pt1

I pray you will be led by God to read through this site and find the answers you need to fulfil the calling He has on your life. Remember to share with your friends..
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