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5 Jan 2013

Can a Christian be Possessed by Demons? - Does Deliverance Matter?

Ignoring DeliveranceCan a Christian have a demon?

Possession implies ownership, Christians cannot be possessed or owned as they are already owned. But, can they have demons?
To get a simple answer we should ask; Can a Christian have disease, sickness or mental illness?
And further ask; Does the adversary only cause these things? Or does sin cause these things? the answer is 'yes, yes and yes'. Sin is always the doorway for the enemy to gain legal ground(a foothold) and infiltrate a Christian's body and soul. Whether it's from personal sins, sins committed against you, trauma's or generational sins or curses.

Possessed in our modern understanding implies ownership, but 'possessed' in the Bible when it comes to demons is mistranslated from the original meaning of the word. The word 'possessed' in scripture actually means, 'to have a demon' or 'to be demonized', it does not imply ownership. Even the possessed Gadarene who had a legion(6000 demons) was able to cry out to Christ Jesus in some kind of sober mindedness.

How Would I Know if I Did?

If a Christian is persistently having trouble with specific sins, you can assume a demon has a foothold or legal right to do so. He will inflame the sin and call others to come and make it worse.
If a Christian persistently has trouble with strange fears, phobias, or life seems to be on a slow downward spiral, you can be pretty sure of demonic activity at play. If your prayer life seems to be locked up or there seems to be a wall between you and God, there is demonic trouble amiss. Major depression, mental illness or if an oppressive cloud seems to be hanging over your head you definitely know this is not from God. Maybe constant problems in marriage or business. These issues are trademarks of the enemies hand at work.

Can Evil Exist in a Temple Where God Lives? 
Can Christian's have demons?When Christ came to the earth and was born of a virgin, did he have to stand on the moon and shout to the devil to leave planet earth so he could come? No, Christ came right down into the sin and wickedness and overcame the devil. Jesus went around healing the sick and demon-filled people of his day. He confronted sin and the devil head on. Let me ask you a question, if good and evil cannot reside in the same place how could Satan (in the form of a serpent) tempt Eve in the garden? Satan was obviously evil and the garden was good. If good and evil cannot reside in the same place, how did the fall of man take place?  The truth is good and evil can reside in the same place. Just because you have accepted Jesus as your Saviour does not mean all of the footholds of the devil were taken care of. In the book of Matthew and in Luke Jesus says, “I give you power and authority to heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead.” We have the power and authority to confront demons and order them to release people from the demonic influences in which they have been held.Jonathan House Ministries-Can a Christian have a demon

To be a true Christian in this day and age is already hard enough, and even ten times harder if we have not been taught how to spiritually war and exercise power over our enemy. If we were taught in the average Church the truth about deliverance, how the enemy operates, and our true identity in Christ's authority, we would truly be a bold overcoming generation of Christian's.
We obey Christ's commission in taking the good news to the ends of the earth, we obey in laying hands on the sick, but when it comes to casting out a demon from a troubled soul, we seem to forget Jesus told us to do that as well. The sad truth is that many Christian's that want to serve Christ Jesus wholeheartedly are not able because the enemy has footholds in their lives.

   One thing that has helped us in our understanding is the realization that every person is made up of three parts: spirit, soul and body. When Jesus comes into a believer's life, He comes into that person's spirit. John 3:6 tells us clearly, "That which is born of the Spirit is spirit" (NKJV). A demon cannot dwell in a Christian's spirit because that is where Jesus and the Holy Spirit dwell. It is the other components that make up a human being--the soul (mind, will and emotions) and the body--that are the targets of demonic attack. Demons can dwell in those areas of a Christian's life. So when we say that a Christian is demonized or possessed, we are not saying he has a demon in his spirit but in some part of his soul or body. John Eckhardt - It's Time to Stop Arguing Theology and start setting people free

The Children's Bread

Deliverance - The Children's BreadIn Mark7:25 and on, A Gentile mother is asking Jesus to cast out a demon from her little daughter and Jesus replies to her,"Let the children be filled first, for it is not good to take the children's bread and throw it to the little dogs". In this scripture we can see in regards to 'deliverance', Jesus is saying it is 'the bread' to fill God's people first(His covenant people). Deliverance is described as 'Children's bread', it should be a normal part of our diet as covenant people that are now grafted into the Kingdom of God through Christ's death and resurrection. Deliverance is our covenant right as believers.

Deliverance is the bread that teaches believers to take authority, to resist the enemy, stay pure and in doing so growth occurs into becoming a mature Christian that can withstand the enemies lies and fear tactics. In all of this it keeps the Christian humble because he knows forgiveness and repentance are the keys to staying free.

Does Deliverance Matter?

Deliverance matters to those that are in captivity. Those with mental illness, certain diseases, problems with lust and other things will tell you that being free does indeed matter to them. Jesus came for the sick not the healthy. Those Christians that are mature, should ready themselves to be able to work with the Lord Jesus to set the captives free, bind up the broken hearted along with preaching the good news. When feeding the sheep and preaching the 'Lords Kingdom is at hand', but not moving in deliverance to set captives totally free from the Kingdom that they have come out of, is only half a job done. "He has given us power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy". The Healing and Deliverance Ministry being raised up in our time is the missing link to a fully fledged standing army in the body of Christ, preparing a spotless and wrinkle free bride. The latter rain is definitely greater than the former rain when the body of Christ storms the Heavens by force and causes the deceiving lying spirits to loose their hold off of God's chosen people. Just like when Moses told Pharaoh,"Let God's people go".

God's people set free
 God's people were delivered from captivity after the Egyptian's god's were defeated. We can see this was more than a physical confrontation, this was 'The showdown between God's'. The enslaving Egyptian god's and the One true loving God. The modern world's god's are no different and make slaves of God's people now just like in Egypt, they are the same fallen angels...and they hate deliverance and any deliverance ministry associated with it.

As covenant born again believers we need to know, it's not about our status or authority in this world, it's about knowing our identity and authority through faith in Christ Jesus to shake the Heavens for ourselves and loved ones to bring glory to our Father in Heaven.
 17And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;18They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. Mark16KJV
Don Dickerman shares short message on Deliverance - Courtroom of Freedom

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