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29 Dec 2012

Surrendering the Heart in Hardship


surrendering heart and soul

I travelled with much hardness of heart, bitterness of soul
 all the world seemed against me, depression took its toll
I even saw my God as a grim, cruel task master
I couldn't see any compassion, not even in my Pastor

A rip roaring mess, I did make of my life
blaming all else for my continually being in strife
then Jesus whispered,"Give me all your heart"
I thought I had, but I kept back the most sensitive part

The part with youthful bitterness, trauma and the like
this part had never seen the day of shining light 
I knew I couldnt keep that darkness anymore
I surrended it to Jesus, the parts that were so sore

I had to learn to trust and asked Him to be real gentle
I felt that opening my heart would send me completely mental
but layer by layer went to work the Masters steady hand
the surgery so delicate, His patience was at hand

I wanted to be a vessel fit for my Masters use
but first He had to cleanse me of my sinful abuse
the way I judged others, was measured back unto me 
coupled with bitterness, it skewed my reality

I gave Him all my pain, He took it all so well
I cried out all my hurts till I was an empty shell
but then He poured His love in, filled me top to toe
the character of Jesus started to finally show

What are we prepared to give Him, all or just a bit
how much of Jesus are we really willing to transmit
the character of Jesus comes at a dear price
repentance and forgiveness, a real walk with Christ

Written by, Daniel Wiebrands
No copyright, please share with others

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