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15 Dec 2012

Sleep Paralysis and Night Demons - Kicking Them Out

Deliverance Exorcism
Part 2 - Kicking Them Out

Continuing from part 1, the emphasis was on closing the doors and cleaning your house(spiritually and literally). Repentance for past and present sins for yourself and ancestors. Curses renounced and broken ,soul ties cut. Also closing all doors to physic hereditary and sexual immorality. Now, all this work is important to soften the ground and uproot the enemies legal ground in your life, so that you may be free and have the peace of Christ Jesus(and hopefully move on to help others).
Keep reading to find out what these demons are and how to evict them permanently. How to have authority over them if they try to come back.

From our understanding so far we can see that these evil entities are either real demons, or witches and warlocks performing astral travel sex through their evil occult practices. No matter which, both are defeated by the blood of Christ, by commanding them to leave in the mighty name of Jesus(even in your mind until you feel free to voice the Lords name out loud)The Bible says 'Resist the devil and he will flee from you'.

Satan Defeated

Astral Sex

However enticing these other reasons may be, sex is the main goal of all astral projection. Witches desire to have sex with individuals that they would never in a million years be able to have sex with, and they can do it as often as they desire, depending on their powers. Astral sex is the ability to project ones spirit man into the victims body and have intercourse with it. This is a very common occurrence among Satanists. They literally leave their physical bodies in a dormant state, while they astral project into the body of whoever they want to have sex with. This is one of the reasons many men wake up having an orgasm and women wake up sexually aroused for no particular reason. In many cases, the victim thinks he or she just had a sexual dream, but often this is not the case. Sexual intercourse actually takes place with the smell, taste and action of intercourse being experienced. This practice is very similar to incubi and succubi demons having sex with individualsmessianicgentiles.blogspot.com.au

As said in the previous post, occult practitioners that astral travel for sexual encounters are defeated by cutting 'ley lines' and 'silver cords' in the spirit realm. This prayer goes something like this:
"In the name of Jesus I cut all 'ley lines' and 'silver cords' right now, in the name of Jesus" (Very simple)
'Ley Lines' are just spiritual roads and lines that spirits use to travel on, and the 'Silver cord' is the cord that keeps the soul attached to the body.

Lilith, Succubus and Incubus

defeating the devilO.k, the demonic entities responsible for these attacks are as follows;

Lilith(old hag, mother of monsters, screech owl-Isaiah,34:14, also known as a vampire spirit) She is the demon of legend that causes suffocation, terrorizing fear(paralysis) and fatigue(spiritual drain)She is a ruling spirit that employs succubus and incubus spirits to attack sexually. It is assumed that those with problems with these demons have somehow, somewhere opened a door purposefully or innocently or their ancestors have.
Witches employ Lilith's power purposefully through succubus and incubus spirits for power, and to have control over others. Also some suggest that a 'Mare' demon is also employed which seems similar to Lilith's agenda's and personality. But, I would say they are one and the same.

Anton Lavey(Church of Satan) quoted saying that "Lilith would be the ruling spirit from the 60's onwards".We see this clearly when the Hippy era evolved with psychedelic drugs and free sex. Drugs to open up the mind and soul to the spirit realm, accompanied with free love and sex, as in occult Pagan rituals. We also have seen a major media push with vampire movies, and also occult entertainment such as Harry Potter. We also have seemingly harmless role playing games that teach young kids how to cast spells and pronounce curses(World of Warcraft and even Pokemon and Bakugan).

Succubus - Female demonic manifestation of Lilith, (seductive)
Incubus    - Male demonic manifestation of Lilith, (forceful)

"Essentially, the Incubus is a lewd demon which seeks sexual intercourse with women. It is also termed follet (French), alp (German), duende (Spanish) and folletto (Italian). The corresponding demon who appears to men is the succubus. When associated with one particular witch or sorcerer, both incubus and succubus are known as magistellus, or "familiar". Inasmuch as the nightmare dream is sexual in latent content, incubus is often used interchangeably with The Mare Demon; in fact, the Latin word for nightmare is incubo (to lie upon). The incubus can assume either a male or a female shape. Sometimes he appears as a full-grown man. Sometimes as a satyr or in the form of a demon, and if it is a woman who has been received as a witch, the incubus generally assumes the form of an animal.
Succubus is a demon in female form, specialized in seducing men. Although feminine in meaning, in form this medieval Latin word, succubus, is masculine (because demons were supposedly sexless) the feminine form succuba (strumpet) is occasionally found."www.jesus-is-lord.com/incubus

Lilith with Succubus and Incubus see you as their spiritual spouse and will work to prevent you getting married, and if you are married will work to destroy your marriage. It will seem as if there is very little peace in your marriage. They will work to cause barrenness and/or work to keep you sexually separated from your spouse. Through the spirit of lust they will also try to push you into sexual immorality.

 Familiar Spirits

medium demon familiarIf there is witchcraft or sorcery in your family line there has been a 'familiar spirit' assigned through the occult practitioner(even just dabbling in the occult could invoke your own 'familiar'). This 'familiar' or 'spirit guide' stays with your family line to push and pull you and later generations towards the same practices as former generations. They are 'monitoring' demons that seek to know everything about you and your family line. They relay information to other 'familiar' entities to keep them informed of information useful to their agenda's. An occult practitioner sometimes has a pet that the 'familiar spirit' works through, but most likely works in and through the practitioner. A familiar spirit will tempt you to do the things your ancestors did to make a home in you, while lying to you that they seek to bring you enlightenment through occult practices. They can also counterfeit the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
In necromancy(calling up the dead) the 'familiar spirit' that is familiar with the particular family member being called up, is he who speaks through the medium as the dead relative. In the old Testament this was punishable by death. In witchcraft the incantation to summon a personal 'familiar' is done while masturbating and envisioning a demon that will become their 'familiar spirit', through spiritual sexual union(demonic soul tie). This is purely debased and disgusting.
The important thing to know is that when you are set free of Lilith, succubus and incubus it will be the 'familiar spirit' relaying information to other witch or warlock covens to work against you with a counter offensive.
After repentance of occult practices is appropriated for self and ancestors, this spirit must be renounced and cast out with all it's practices, in Jesus mighty name, so as not to be capable of communicating with other 'familiars' to work against you or call back the spirits of witchcraft and so forth. It seems here that fantasy masturbation might be the cause for many to have attacks with sexual demons in the first place and Lilith may be the one that tempts this unnatural desire through ancestral witchcraft to reconnect back with that next generation.

armour of GodOnce the ground work has been done to void Lilith, Succubus and Incubus of their power and legal rights, you will be able to break any covenants(spiritual marriage, see video below) they believe they have with you, and cast out any unclean spirits from yourself that could be attracting them, such as lust, shame, terror, fear, incest, homosexuality, masturbation(idolatry), etc..

'Incubus and Succubus - Help for those who have been sexually visited by night demons' by Issachar Publications Major breakthrough of help and understanding in this short book(32pg) *FREE* ('amazing', something free now-days?) This book is important for married(or soon married) people to understand how to work together to overcome this horrible hindrance in their intimate life, and more.

Please listen to Brother Kay(African Deliverance Minister) who has a slightly different understanding of these demons, mainly because their culture and ancestry is different to that of the western world. Powerful anointed prayer of deliverance near the end,  please be sure to listen to this man of God.

*Special Note: As brother Kay also suggested, if you need help with deliverance or you are a young Christian please find some. Your local Church Pastor should know of reputable deliverance ministries which have proven results in your area(God will guide you). Here are some links to Worldwide Deliverance Ministries that are healing and transforming peoples lives -

Ellel Ministries
Healing Rooms
Elijah House Ministries
Victorious Ministries Through Christ

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I pray these two posts have given you enough insight towards freedom, feel free to leave a comment and share. This information is seriously needed for the saints as they are most often ashamed to get help.
I pray for the Lord to cover you, keep you, and surround you with His heavenly Host, in Jesus name. Amen

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