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1 Dec 2012

Has God Called Me? - He Chooses Your Heart Not Your Status or IQ

If you look at the great men and women of faith throughout history, God chooses people that have nothing special about them(that we can see anyway). Fortunately, God see's us through a complete set of different eyes than we do.
What does He see? How does He choose? What does He look for? There must be something about these great men and women of God that initially catches His eye. Let's take a look at one person that was not so great when God found him. Like Gideon for instance, he was probably one of the most insecure men in the Bible. He said to the angel of the Lord, "For my clan is the weakest and I am the least in my house". Why would God choose this man to fight one of the most miraculous battles in history?

We know that God likes to use the weak and little things to triumph over big things, to show His might and power. But what was it about this man? There is a clue at the beginning of his story in Judges 6, where Gideon seems very disheartened about his people being oppressed by their enemy, and feeling that God had abandoned them. All his people were worshipping false gods and committing gross sin in the eyes of God.
After Gideon opens up his sore heart to the Angel of the Lord that visits him, The angel says to him, "Go, in this might of yours, see I have sent you". What 'might' was he talking about? Gideon's heart was grieved by what he saw of his people, and thought God had abandoned them, it grieved his heart. This was the seed I believe God used to motivate him with(with some divine help of course). Notice, very importantly that Gideon's heart was in line with God's heart. A heart for his own people was also his God's heart for his people. Simple enough.

I also see that God may of been grieved in his own heart, because his people believed that He had abandoned them(or maybe they were just to busy serving other god's). God knew His promises to his people needed His divine intervention, and God was glad to fulfil them for His children, if they cried out for it. I believe it took just one, with a grieved broken heart to move God's hand of redemption for the people, but first their idols needed to be removed, or God wouldn't move. At first when Gideon removed his fathers idols, his people wanted to kill him for it, and then later interestingly they were upset that he didn't call them to help in the battle against their enemies(go figure).

If an angel of the Lord told you to go, and that he has sent you, would that of been enough to convince you to motivation? This wasn't enough for Gideon, he asked for the angel to prove it with a sign. The angel consumed Gideon's offering with fire out of the rock and later, he asked two more times for signs to prove that he was called of God to defeat the Midianites. But, let's not judge Gideon too harshly, we probably would want some definite signs as well, considering what God was about to do. Imagine going up against an army as vast as the sand as the sea shore, with 300 men.
God finds the least of people, with a heart after his own to accomplish his great works in the earth

Gideon was also obedient and did exactly as he was asked to do.
God found someone after His own heart that would do exactly what He said to do, even though he was so unsure of himself. God helped Gideon overcome this hurdle by reassuring him with requested signs along the way, knowing that his heart ached for his people as His did.

Our Lord Jesus has called all of us to fulfil specific tasks in His Kingdom. We are all different and unique, have different callings and gifts, some may be called like David to overcome fear with faith and do mighty battle. Some may be called like Joseph to overcome betrayal and abandonment and bring wisdom and direction to leaders. Some may be called like Gideon to overcome shyness and inferiority and lead mighty men in miraculous battle. Some maybe like Moses who fled into the wilderness after taking things in his own hands and causing much trouble for himself and God's people, who also was shy of speech and needed a spokesman to fulfil His calling, to lead a whole people out of captivity in God's strength and not his own.
We are all called to do what lines up with God's heart and move in His divine plan to overcome, by His strength and not our own. 

Check out this short clip, created for this post...Has God called me, How do I know?

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