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2 Nov 2012

The End of Jezebel and Ahab-Restoring Godly Order

Elijah double anointing Elisha
We are now at a time in history where literally the sheep are being separated from the goats, the tares(counterfeit wheat) are starting to be removed and gathered up. The spirit of Jezebel is nearing her inevitable end as the uncompromising Spirit of King Jehu is rearing up and commanding her destruction. Too many eyes are now being opened to the truth and the momentum of God's unfailing promises will not stop. They cannot. The Spirit of Elijah is sweeping repentance, restoration and reconciliation where God's servants are desperately and humbly calling to Him for healing from the ills of this world and deliverance from this counterfeit enemy, where the double anointing of Elisha is waiting to anoint the true Apostolic ministry to destroy her, her false idols, temples and priest's.

The Old Testament story in Kings is a shadow of what is playing out right now between two Kingdoms. A false queen sits in the house of God(Body of Christ and our own hearts) because of a disobedient Ahab's lust's for the things of this world, which he has allowed to be mixed in with God's people under his reign.

"But I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and is teaching and seducing my servants to practice sexual immorality, and to eat food sacrificed to idols". "And I gave her space to repent of her fornication, but she repented not"."Behold I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds". And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches will know that I am He that searches the reigns and hearts: and will give unto everyone of you according to your works". Rev2:20,23. 
Jezebel harlot of Babylon

This scripture is revealing to us that Jezebel is a deceptive ruling spirit in the end times church and is not just a literal story of His people in the past. It speaks of a shadow, of spiritual matters in our time. Jezebel is a seductive spirit that spews deceit and false doctrine that is luring God's people more and more into self worship(Baal) and worship of the things of this world(Ashtoreth). Baal and Ashtoreth are the god's Jezebel brought with her into the midst of God's people. Which probably had it's roots back in the beginning of Babylon(Tower of Babel) when King Nimrod and His Queen(his mother) where ruling as god's.
In the worship of these god's prostitution is glorified, homosexuality, orgies, sacrifice of babies,..etc.
We can see similar manifestations in our times, especially in Western societies(modern Babylon) which intoxicate the world, because they tolerate satan's handmaiden. I don't need to go into detail of what our societies have become like because of this, but God's people have been hood winked.

Jezebel's deathJezebel's lust for power is out of control usurping God's leaders and throwing the structure of headship in our families upside down. We end up with confusion in leadership roles and our children suffer insecurities and confusion later in theirs, and the cycle continues. Leadership confusion in the home should never be a battle of the sexes it should be a learnt role from previous parents that pleases God. After two world wars in the 50's and 60's everything has dramatically continued to change as mankind seeks to fill their own void and became self centred(Baal)and looks to the world to satisfy their void(Ashtoreth). It is the spirit of Jezebel that seduces(usurps authority and lures) the Church to follow after these things(self worship and worldly lusts) and causes backstabbing ,gossip ,ministry mutiny, jealousy, pride, witchcraft, control ,false prophecy, and the list goes on.

How did things get like this? Lets see if we can answer some of the question,..

Firstly - Unfortunately, it always takes the spirit of Ahab to let a Jezebel spirit have power or control in his stead. I mean immature men that are not taking their responsibilities seriously in the home and leave it to their wives, or pout to get the woman to fix his problems(This is in a nutshell the spirit of Ahab).
*Note:I say this to ensure any women reading won't get the wrong idea that I am blaming women for the world's mess. This is a spiritual matter playing out through mankind and we do not wrestle against flesh and blood.  The spirit of Jezebel is working in concert with Ahab in our generation, seeking to kill, steal and destroy God's people in the home and Kingdom. The spirit of Jezebel can operate through a man just the same, and the spirit of Ahab through a woman, but predominantly men exhibit Ahab and women Jezebel. 
Secondly - The enemy found a way to worm into society with his deceptive tactics unbeknownst to most. I will try to explain the best way that I can as you read further..

WorldWar1(1914-18)15,000,000 soldiers died (no women in combat)
WorldWar2(1939-45)66,000,000 soldiers died (some women, majority men). 
then add the jewish atrocities(6mil), civilian casualties of war(?mil), plus other genocides and wars, ie. Russian civil war(60mil), Spanish Flu(20-50mil dead),Great depression, all of this around the same timeframe. Imagine how many families suffered and lost their husbands/dads in less than one generation, not to mention the destruction of their homes and cities, transport, water, food and electricity. 

The two world wars that we have had, have forced women(no fault of their own) to have to take charge in their homes, as the men went to war to fight. There were many men that did manage to come back, but sadly so many were traumatised and distant(many with, PTSD-shell shock, and psychological issues, injuries). The great depression did not help either as many mothers were forced to find work for extra food on the table, and also not to mention the many men that committed suicide, went into depression or turned to alcohol. Adding the Spanish Flu and genocides I think you get the picture.  This in all it's severity left a great big hole in the heart's of their children as their world's were turned upside down and subsequently the enemy gained access through mass strongholds in society as a whole.
Over time the next generations at large had lost their capacity to lead in the home, as fundamental prerequisites for growth throughout childhood have been missed by their fathers being absent(physically/emotionally/spiritually) and/or abusive(physically or emotionally). Mothers un-wilfully forced into leadership roles in the family and in society has left a bitter negative backlash towards men, causing hidden bitter root judgements that further cause women to seek to keep power and position over real or perceived incapable men.

Hearts of the fathers
For this reason God has said, "Behold, I will send Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord","And he will turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children and the children heart's back to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse"Mal,4:6.(the great tribulation spoken of in the scripture before this one in Revelations may be that curse, or the curse may just be the depravity our society is already in; sexual depravity,self worship,lust for fame,power,mammon..etc).
Friends we are more than likely already in the curse or on the cusp of that curse coming into play(depends how you look at it), unless the condition of God is met.
The condition is 'healing' and 'deliverance', relationships cannot be reconciled unless they are healed, but it only comes if we hear Elijah's call to turn and repent.
We as a body of people have given birth to this Jezebel spirit unwittingly, it's time to reconcile, rebuild, restore what was broken down, and not be a reproach unto the world. As Nehemiah mourned over his people's city that was broken down, we need to be as he was, working under the Holy Spirit's anointing to build a spotless and wrinkle free Body of Christ. Amen. It's going to take real men of God to walk in His anointing to do it!! The Spirit of Elijah is the power of 'healing and restoration' taking place in God's people to reconcile relationships unto God and each other. Providing a true God ordained leadership in the home and into the Body of Christ will not come unless we see it and repent. When we stop listening to the lures of this world and stop trying to please ourselves through the lures of the spirit of Jezebel to fulfil our own voids, hurts, deficits and repent, our heart's will then return to our children and start to see healing. God in His goodness sends the spirit of Elijah to get this done, but we need our eyes opened to see it.

love and respect If a man is trusted to provide, protect, sacrifice and love, the women naturally is pleased to follow. She then is free to fulfil her own God given role as nurturer, comforter and so forth. If a husband is absent in his role in any way, or causes his wife to become bitter against him he runs the risk of the spirit of Jezebel to hook into strongholds formed through resentment. He forces the women into a role she is not made for, although she may be capable, but not naturally. When Godly order is again established in the home the children will be planted by the water and become strong oaks of righteousness.

Famous evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman said she was God's third choice. I've  wondered why? She goes on to say the ones called were not willing to pay the price. Could it possibly be not many men were affirmed as men in this day and age by their own fathers who held this responsibility? Let not God overlook you in your calling in the Kingdom and chose a handmaiden as His second or third choice, because you are not willing. Is this right? Men are called to the forefront to punch through the enemy lines, not the ones we protect, provide and sacrifice for. This is not right. Women need us to be men so that they can be women. Our children need us to be men that build them up with our affirming presence in their lives, sharing God's image in us to produce God's image in them.
I hold nothing against women in leadership ministry at all, but I believe it is to our shame that we do not stand in that place for them, sacrificing our lives. If the picture of Christ, as the head of man is the same picture as man is as the head of woman, then we must be that picture for women as what Christ is for us.
The lies of the enemy has perverted this as 'the woman needs to give her life for her husband and home'.(obviously if the husband is a non believer he is sanctified through the believing wife, and is different for single mothers). It's no coincidence either that the media portrays fathers as bumbling daydreamers.

husbands sacrifice for wives
How does man regain Godly headship?, while the delusion from the spirit of jezebel is against him in the world(and infiltrated into the body of Christ)?
He must first regain what he has lost by repenting(for his and his forefathers sins) and standing as the spiritual head in the home. Forgiving his father's absence, lack of affirmation, down putting, lack of manhood etc. Then forgiving mothers manipulation, control, lack of love, etc. What comes through into the natural always starts first in the spirit. Healing is needed from the wounds of the father(Spirit of Ahab) and mother(Spirit of Jezebel) and then very importantly deliverance from demonic oppression from these ruling spirits.
This will bring freedom for a God ordained order that will be blessed and see God's hand move mightily.
This post will probably brew a little controversy but that is good, for these issues need to be brought to light and discussed, they are no good in the dark(it's where the enemy breeds his filth)

As the enemy is exposed the Lord goes with you to set things in there right order as you stay humble and allow Him to direct your path. Amen.

I cover this post with the blood of Christ, that it may reach the ears of those that need to hear. Amen.

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