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19 Feb 2012


Seek Jesus the obstacles are minor to Him 
God has bought us, my family and I back to the place of 'total devotion', 'uncompromising His place in our lives', 'Giving Him the supremacy He ought to have', 'Being obedient in all the facets of our lives that belong to Him'(and that is everything), 'Giving ALL' and not holding back anything. His sword divides and call's us to total surrender. There's no half measure, all the chip's are in or they are not. I'm not talking about performance or striving to work for God, but to be obedient to His work in me and my family, and those around about us. The battle has intensified, and if we are not praying and in His word, the seed's planted will fall by the wayside. If we are not praying with our spouses, were are in trouble.
Yes, the battle belongs to the Lord, but we are His foot soldiers arrayed at His side, we must fight knowing He is with us and for us. 

What has God called you to do? it is very simple. Die daily, take up our cross, deny yourself and follow Him. God has spoken into your life and shown you His love, grace, and mercy. What are we going to do with it, that's the question?? Are we using His grace and mercy as an excuse to continue in our own ways, or are we ever so grateful that we will serve Him no matter what? 
Repent, forgive, cleanse yourselves, do whatever you have to do to regain your first love.
Go back to your first love, start fresh, taste again, regain that passion and fervour and boldness in Christ.
'The joy of the Lord' is to do as He has done  (become like Christ Jesus) by giving our life away. Losing your life that you may find it. That's were divine joy is.

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