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3 Jun 2014

Plundering The Stronghold of Rejection-Casting Out The Stongman/Spirit of Rejection-Healing & Deliverance

Sadly every person on this planet has endured childhood rejection to one degree or another, and unfortunately '95%' of sufferers, whether it be by direct rejection, abandonment trauma from parents/family, older siblings, school bullies,..etc. will end up with a Strongman of Rejection in their lives. Those who end up with a stronghold of rejection can easily trigger, and will tend to view reality through their past hurts; or if you please through tainted glasses stained from rejection. Through a high degree of childhood rejection a Strongman (spirit/demon) of Rejection will build a house(stronghold) where he takes up residence. Rejection, most of the time is where the enemy starts building his Stronghold(house) as early as possible. Jesus says, "If you Bind the strongman then you can plunder his house". Prayer to renounce Rejection
Binding and Casting out the Strongman of Rejection and then plundering his house(Stronghold) will unravel a whole lot of bondage in a sufferers life.

9 May 2014

Socialist Platform for Global Antichrist New World Order via Russian WW3

Gog Magog WW3 Russia Ukraine

For the NWO order to emerge there needs to be a Socialist platform to operate a Global dictatorship with the Antichrist leading it. Once this is set up Lucifer will have but a short time to magnify himself as God before being chained and going down into the pit on Christ's command. This is the very near future my friends(our future) as we start to see the enemies plans become more apparent as it emerges to fulfill Biblical prophecy.

New World Order Beast System is Here!-Rising Antichrist Socialist Platform to Control the Globe

Mark RFID Chip 666
Travelling, buying, selling, medical care...all facets of your life in the near future will be controlled via an embedded RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) chip linked to a wireless global system. If you do not want to be apart of this system eventually you will be ostracized from society, labelled a terrorist and beheaded as it states in the book of Revelations. Think this is Fiction or far off in the future? think again!...click below.. 

30 Mar 2014

Exposing Antichrist-Spirit of Perversion-Leviathan Rising With the Blood Moon Tetrads

Antichrist WW3 Blood moonsThe Antichrist spirit is at it's core, 'The spirit of Perversion'; not only sexual perversion, but all kinds of perversions. You see, to 'Pervert' means to twist truth. Maybe just a little bit, but it is the little bit of leaven that ruins the whole lump. Lucifer attempts to pervert truth ever so slightly with small compromises so that nobody notices or makes a fuss. This perverse spirit of Antichrist slowly and surely leads the way to a pit of chaos, disorder and destruction. This is where this present world is headed...into chaos, and out of this chaos the worlds leaders who have an allegiance to Lucifer are set on orchestrating a New World Order. My job here is to expose and open Christians eyes to current reality. This is not fear mongering but exposing satans agenda to prepare those who God has called to overcome.

3 Mar 2014

Blood Moon(Lunar) Tetrads & Coming Antichrist/False Prophet - False Peace Agreement

Four 4 Blood Moons Peace Agreement
There is a real possibility that the one that confirms the peace covenant with many in the Middle East in April/May will be exposing himself as the False Prophet/Antichrist, whom many have been speculating about for years.
If there is a 7 year peace agreement that is confirmed in April(which is John Kerry's deadline), we will know exactly where we are prophetically in Bible prophecy(coinciding close with the first Blood Moon on Passover-April 15th). The Prophet Daniel tells us, in the midst of the week(7yrs) the covenant will be broken and the latter half of the 7 years will kick off the great tribulation.
Blood Moon Tetrads to Israel always spells War! click below for more...

23 Feb 2014

The Spirit of Python Steals God's Life/Breath(Spirit) From You- Find Healing & Deliverance

Spirit of Python
Has Python Constricted Your Finances/Future/Anointing?
In Acts 16 - Paul and Silas where on their first missionary journey to expand the Kingdom of God through out new territory. While on their way to pray a young lady followed them where they went, shouting, "These men are servants of the most high God, which show unto us the way of salvation". This happened for three days until Paul became so grieved in his spirit he commanded an evil spirit to get out of her. The spirit he commanded to come out of her was the spirit of divination, which is translated in the original Greek as Python.

15 Feb 2014

Exposing Jezebels Web of Lies-Crucifying Fear,Guilt & Shame-Coming out of Babylon

Exposing Jezebels Web of Lies-Crucifying Fear,Guilt & Shame-Coming out of Babylon
I have exciting news for you my friends, my first 'Ebook' has been completed and wish to give it away for a limited time to all that are visiting.
We know in the scriptures that Jezebel was addressed by the Lord in the book of Revelations; the church in Thyatira. He gave this church the sternest warning of the seven. We can see that this spirit of Jezebel has infiltrated the modern church and is one of it's greatest enemies. Jesus said if we overcome this spirit He will give us the right to rule with Him over nations. Why? because Jezebel promotes Baal/Moloch worship, which in those days included child sacrifice and temple prostitution. This, now days can be seen very simply as our Abortion epidemic, GLBT (Gays,Lesbian,Bisexual & Transexual) movement, Pornography, Sex trafficking, Sexual and Occult seduction through Media, Music..etc. Western nations are ruled over by a spirit of Baal/Moloch. Ahab type men have compromised with this spirit and allowed the Church and family unit to be infiltrated by this dangerous Jezebel spirit.

8 Feb 2014

Rebuilding God's People-Coming Together With Vision & Purpose-Nehemiah's Mandate

Rebuild Nehemiah God's People
Lifting Reproach comes before Revival...
What is amazing? There is a whole book in the Word of God dedicated to a Mayor, his name was Nehemiah. Nehemiah had such a burden for his people and city in ruins, that he was down cast and in great sorrow. His grief led him to fast, pray and seek God's face. His King whom he served in Babylon(Persia) was so taken back by his sorrow for his people he granted him the permission to go and rebuild the great city, the city of Jerusalem. Amongst great opposition and ridicule he managed to win the peoples favor and shake off any opposition, for he knew he had the backing of God's vision and purpose for his own people.

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